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  • Christine K. Thomson

    Pilates C.K.T. Founder and Instructor


    Pilates is for everyone and the benefits are significant! It has the ability to transform and heal the body, as well as improve the body’s performance in other forms of exercise and daily tasks. I love teaching the method, making Pilates accessible for all body types, and helping clients progress toward their individual goals. I have a deep appreciation for the mind body connection that Pilates requires and develops, and the benefits of a stronger core, better posture and flexibility that comes with regular practice.


    A life long fitness enthusiast dedicated to health and wellness, I was increasing drawn to Pilates while suffering chronic neck and low back pain from working long hours in financial services. After seeing the results that Pilates can deliver, I was hooked and decided to pursue Mat Certification from Core Pilates NYC. Shortly thereafter, I completed Core’s Comprehensive Certification in Classical Pilates, a 600+ hour intensive study program.


    As a career, Pilates offers many options as to where, when, and how to practice and teach. It has propelled me to become an entrepreneur, collaborate, and consider different opportunities for sharing and building upon my foundation of knowledge and experience. Pilates has become a lifestyle defined by practice, education, new relationships and expanding perspectives. It keeps me engaged and on my toes. I am passionate about what I do and hope to practice with you soon!


    Born in New York City and raised in Westchester, I grew up playing lots of sports, having lots of pets and spending a lot of time outdoors. My first visits to the Hamptons were family vacations at a young age with my cousins - all of us in two adjoining rooms at the Sandpiper Motel in Southampton. Dinners at Dantonios and John Duck and days on Peter Cooper Beach with a stop at the Fudge Company to pick up loot for our treasure hunts - it couldn’t get any better! As a teenager, I was focused on basketball and horses. I became a competitive equestrian show jumper, competed and ranked in all the national finals. After college, I lived in NYC and soon also became a resident of Southampton.


    Always torn between country and city life, I have traveled back and forth between NYC and the Hamptons on a year round basis for as long as I can remember. While my tastes and interests have evolved from my childhood visits to the Hamptons, the time spent outdoors with family and friends and the beauty of the seasons and landscapes are the same and are priceless. I am so excited to bring Pilates to Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton this year. In addition to offering fine food and wine, it epitomizes the beauty and lifestyle of the Hamptons. My new happy place!


    When I am not in the studio, I love dance cardio, biking, hiking, cooking, travel, being at the beach, and spending time with my dog.


    Pilates Mat Certification - beginner, intermediate, advanced, Core Pilates NYC

    Pilates Comprehensive Certification - all apparatus and props, Core Pilates NYC

    B.A. Liberal Arts, Boston University, MA

    M.A. Science Education, Columbia University, NY

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    June 3, 2018 10:00am

    Free Introductory Pilates Mat Class

    at Topping Rose House

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    June 2, 2018 10:00am

    Hamptons Wellness Week Kick Off

    Pilates C.K.T. FREE Mat Class at Topping Rose House, Bridgehampton

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    May 19 and 20, 2018 10:00am

    FREE Introductory Pilates Mat Classes at Topping Rose House

    Sign up by clicking button above and at https://pilatesckt-mat-classes.eventbrite.com

    March 11, 2018 10:45am

    March MATness special mat class at the Center for Movement NYC

    Led by Christine Thomson and Melissa Woyshner

    "Return to Life with us!"

    June 2 - 9, 2018

    Hamptons Wellness Week

    Pilates C.K.T. promotions at Topping Rose House:

    25% off Private/Duet Reformer Sessions in June

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    March 2018

    31 days of classical Pilates mat exercises as originally performed by Joseph Pilates

    Practice 1-2 exercises each day and “Return to Life”!

    October 26, 2017 8:00am

    Tower/Mat Class for the Cure @centerformovement

    100% of proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen foundation

    Raise awareness, show your support, and enjoy Pilates at the same time!

  • Why Pilates?

    A Method. A Practice. A Lifestyle.

    Classical Pilates is a method of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in New York City in the 1920’s. Calling it Contrology, he created 34 master exercises that strengthen and control the abdominals, restore posture, and bring back natural coordination. There is a sequential order to the exercises that includes flexion, extension and rotation at specific points. Exercises can be performed on the Mat as well as on apparatus including the Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Chair and Ladder Barrel. Some of the movements may look simple, but there is a specific technique for each exercise with an ideal form we aspire to achieve. It is challenging but fun and bodies commonly feel great and energized after practicing. 


    The method draws upon 6 fundamental principals to achieve results through the best form possible. They are not limited in scope to just pilates and provide a strong foundation to build upon in your daily life and activities.


    Breath: inhale to bring fresh oxygen to the muscles, stretch the lungs and lengthen or extend in the exercise; and fully exhale to empty the lungs of stale air often on exertion or flexion in the exercise.


    Concentration: exercises are executed with focused concentration as the mind tells the body what to do.


    Control: Exercises are performed diliberately from the center with focus so you are in control of the movement. Do not let habit or gravity take over. The “Art of Contrology”.


    Centering: all work starts from and is sustained through the center, also called the “powerhouse”.


    Flow: movement should flow through the succession exercises with efficient transitions leading from one to the next.


    Precision: each exercise was designed with a clear structure, specific form and goal to achieve the full benefit. Quality over quantity.


    The more you practice the more you will exhibit the 6 principals, and the better you will perform the exercises and derive the associated benefits.


    What are the benefits I can expect to get from Pilates?

    The most common benefits clients refer to include a stronger core, improved posture, flexibility and mind-body connection.

    Clients will often comment that they “feel taller, leaner, and stronger” and “have more body awareness when moving”.


    How do I get started?

    Taking some private sessions with an instructor that is certified in classical Pilates and understands your individual goals and needs is an ideal way to start. You can also practice Pilates mat exercises at home or in group classes, but it can be difficult to know if you are doing the exercises correctly, especially in the beginning. I love teaching Group classes and they offer a great balanced workout, but it will not be specific to your level or individual needs, so it is helpful to have some private sessions under your belt first. Some clients only take private sessions, some only take group classes, and some take both. See what works best for your practice.


    How often should I practice?

    The more the better, but it really depends on what works for you and your schedule. Two to three sessions a week is really helpful to build strength, flexibility and advance your practice, but some clients practice once/week, and some just once in a while.


    How is Pilates different from Yoga?

    There are many possible responses to this question, but from my perspective, Pilates has an emphasis on strengthing the core, it is a singular defined system and order of exercises, and has more focus on movement instead of holding positions. The method of breathing is often different and Pilates does not have an aspect of meditation where you try to empty the mind. It requires focus and concentration. Both offer many health benefits and improved flexibility with practice, and many clients practice both.


    Was Pilates developed for dancers?

    No. Joseph Pilates created the method for everyone for disease prevention, health and fitness. He opened his studio on west 57th street in the same building with many dance studios and the New York City ballet. Dancers typically practice Pilates to limber up before practice, rehabilitate from injuries, and to uniformly build strength without creating bulky muscle groups. According to Romana Kryzanowski, one of his protégés, Joe did not really like training dancers and felt that they were always changing his method. Models often practice Pilates for the lean physique it can provide without adding bulk.


    Is Pilates a form of physical therapy?

    No. Doctors and physical therapists often recommend Pilates to patients with various body limitations, discomfort and injuries, but it is a method of exercise not to be confused with physical therapy. Practicing can alleviate imbalances, and provide a stronger core and better posture to help support the back, but Pilates is movement and exercise, not a treatment. It is important to discuss pain or discomfort with your doctor, get a diagnosis, and get clearance to practice Pilates along with recommendations for what to focus on and what to avoid. It is very common that clients practicing Pilates have done this and have one, or several, issues they are working through.


    Are there any age limitations when doing Pilates?

    No. Every body is unique and Pilates is for everyone. As Uncle Joe said “You are only as old as your spine is flexible”.


    Is Pilates enough to make me fit or should I also be doing cardio?

    Most clients find Pilates challenging on day 1 and will sweat to some degree during a session. While Pilates connects breath to movement and can expand aerobic capacity, for most individuals it does not feel like an intense cardio workout and your heart will likely be beating faster in a cardio class than in your Pilates session. Many clients in NYC and the Hamptons do both Pilates and cardio classes. I can relate to this! I love dance cardio but my body feels completely different after doing Pilates then it does after doing a cardio class. You may find yourself doing more Pilates and less cardio over time. I often hear clients say that they are so tight and sore from XYZ class that it is counter productive to their practice. Moderation! Do what you love and listen to your body.



  • Testimonials

    Recent group class reviews on websites (unsolicited)


    Reformer Sculpt with Christine

    Loved it. Really like the style of Pilates at this studio and Christine really epitomizes that. Lots of emphasis on form.



    Core Tower with Christine

    Christine is really professional and helpful. The workout and stretch from the 1hr class really makes me feel a lot better on my neck and shoulders. Looking forward to joining her class again in the near future. Thanks a lot Christine :)



    Core Tower with Christine

    Great class!



    20/20/20 with Christine

    Christine is really good. I kind of don’t want anyone to know.



    Reformer Sculpt with Christine

    Tough class! Very good workout.



    Reformer Sculpt with Christine

    Some forms were challenging. The teacher gave us plenty of instructions.



    30/30 with Christine

    Great workout and a really nice energy that emanated from the trainer.



    Chair Balance + Strength with Christine

    Challenging. Instructor was great. Wish the studio had a different set up because it was very distracting and sometimes hard to hear the instructor.



    Reformer Elevate + Jumpboard with Christine

    Great class - Christine is fantastic.



    Chair Balance + Strength with Christine

    Very tough but worth it. The instructor was so attentive and ensured that your form was perfect. She worked with each one of the students and I loved how small the class size was.



    Reformer Elevate + Jumpboard with Christine

    Fantastic workout!



    Core Tower with Christine

    Excellent in every aspect.



    Chair Balance + Strength with Christine

    This was my first time using the chair and Christine was a great instructor. Challenging routines that really work your core muscles and arm muscles. I will be feeling the workout for the next few days that’s for sure!



    Reformer Elevate + Jumpboard with Christine

    Amazing workout and so much fun!



    Core Tower with Christine

    This teacher is incredible! She made the class so fun while being hyper aware of our strengths and weaknesses. Can not wait to take again!



    Reformer Sculpt with Christine

    The workout was great....



    Core Tower with Christine

    This teacher makes a very difficult class BREEZE by. She is awesome, so is this class!



    Chair Balance + Strength with Christine

    It was my first time and the instructor helped me out so much. It was a great workout!!



    Reformer Sculpt with Christine

    Christine was incredible! One of the best instructors I’ve had in the city (and I’ve been on ClassPass for almost years). Such a focus on form which is missing in so many Pilates classes. Thanks, Christine; can’t wait to come back!



    Reformer Elevate + Jumpboard with Christine

    Awesome class! I sometimes find it hard to find Pilates classes that challenge me but this one definitely did. Great leg and ab workout.



    30/30 with Christine

    This was a great class. Christine is finally a teacher that teaches advanced movements in an all levels class so I don’t have the feeling that I am wasting my time. Also gave good cues. Will take again.



    30/30 with Christine

    Christine is the only instructor at the many many Pilates studios I frequent who does truly advanced movements. I LOVE her class. She always introduces new things also so that I don’t go on auto pilot. Sure she also caters to all level students.



    30/30 with Christine

    Great class. The room is big and clean, great nature light. The teacher is good as well, will definitely try again.